This apartment design is a collaboration between Hanlin and her husband Chris Cooper.  Having met in graduate school, Cooper and Hanlin have long shared a complementary design philosophy.  Much of what inspired this home design was culled from a formative trip they took together to Japan in 2010.  The opportunity to practice some of these ideas came when they decided it was time to expand their 1300 square foot apartment into more efficient living space for their family of four.   Like a Japanese Tansu chest, the apartment gained significant space by eliminating furniture and replacing it with highly efficient storage solutions throughout.   Serenity in palette, with a sense of expanding space was a goal to open up this small apartment.  Formerly a schoolhouse classroom , the apartment's natural advantage is high ceilings and huge windows.  Cooper and Hanlin's collections of furniture and art is eclectic, from pottery collected in France each summer to botanical prints by Karl Blossfeldt, a Cini Boeri sofa and an expanding Swedish refrectory table.  As with all of Hanlin's projects, the furnishings and art have an organic quality with defined geometries and modern lines.


Photography by  Eduard Hueber