The gallery principally showcases French design from the 1950s through the 1970s.  Owner Suzanne Demisch began the project by presenting Hanlin with a cream colored weathered mug that had a beautiful patina at the first meeting.  Located in Chelsea's gallery district, the raw warehouse space needed to bridge the neutrality and elegance of a white box gallery space with something that more closely resembled a domestically scaled environment.  Philosophically, the client felt it to be important that the furniture be viewed on the floor rather than on pedestals.  This criteria evolved into the idea of the super scaled floor grid that would naturally allow for the showcasing of clusters of furniture.  Pragmatically, the space also needed a front and back of house.  Hanlin took this as an opportunity to design a folding wall that would simultaneously serve to highlight prize pieces while allowing access to the back of house area.


Photography by Sophie Munro