Prior to the design of this house Hanlin had worked with her clients to establish a collection of mid-century Scandinavian furniture.  Sourced from a variety of auction houses and galleries, this collection of furniture provided inspiration for this home design overlooking the Hudson Valley.  The architectural design and interior design intervention by Cook+Fox Architects opened the existing house to breathtaking views of the Hudson Valley and bathed its rooms in light.  Hanlin's furnishings and soft finishes were selected to complement the airy interior spaces designed by Cook+Fox.   For Hanlin, it was important to establish a furnishing strategy that would ground the delicate Scandinavian furniture collection within these large rooms to accommodate both intimate and large groups of visitors.   Modern pieces such as B + B Italia sofas were chosen to relate in scale and palette to the Scandinavian furnishings while providing enough mass to anchor each room.  Several commissioned pieces from Mira Nakashima's studio were also designed to serve as centerpieces for a number of rooms.   With a combination of geo-thermal and solar energy, this home is truly off the grid and its interiors are designed with an eye towards harmonizing with its beautiful natural surroundings.


Photography Rob Cleary @ CookFox